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Anti-gay bigots offer counseling services to gay man who testified at DOMA hearings

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As the man told the Advocate, the last people he'd go to for help is some anti-gay hate group.  I wonder if they weren't offering to "cure" him. From Andrew Harmon:

Puzzling remarks by anti-marriage equality witnesses were legion at the hearing, but perhaps no more so than those of Focus on the Family senior vice president Tom Minnery, who spoke directly after Wallen's heartfelt testimony about his group’s firm stance against repealing DOMA. Minnery expressed his condolences for Wallen’s loss, then seemed to offer him counseling and outreach services from his organization, which until two years ago had sponsored an ex-gay summit known as Love Won Out.

“I had read his prepared testimony the night before, so I knew what he was going to say,” Wallen told The Advocate. “But I was shocked when he offered condolences, and was in disbelief when he was offering his services. If I were looking for help, his [organization] would be the last place I would go to.”

Asked what services they might provide, Focus on the Family vice president of communications Gary Schneeberger said in a statement to The Advocate, “We offer a variety of print and online resources, as well as free counseling referrals, to help people deal with the myriad challenges of life.

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