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Panetta and Joint Chiefs ready to certify DADT repeal

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Huge news regarding the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Senior defense officials tell NBC News that the Pentagon will announce tomorrow that both Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and all of the Joint Chiefs have certified that the military is ready to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Each member of the Joint Chiefs had to submit a recommendation to Secretary Panetta, indicating that they are far enough in their training to repeal DADT, and that it will not have an impact on military readiness.

The next step is for President Obama to certify the repeal, which then begins a 60-day waiting period to implement the repeal -- before "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is officially a thing of the past.
FANTASTIC! Remember that when this is done it did not occur in a vacuum. Everyone who fought for movement on this issue needs to be congratulated for not sitting still until the promise to repeal was accomplished. Even after this egregious policy goes away there will be plenty to fight for in order to ensure our lesbian and gay troops are treated equally.

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