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In Niagara Falls, some gay and lesbian couples just couldn’t wait!

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As Joe posted, after the grueling battle to marry, some couples were not willing to wait until later this morning to get married! I wanted to include a few more fun details about one of the happy couples here:

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) — Gay-rights activists Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd were legally married the very first moment they could be during a midnight ceremony at Niagara Falls that ushered in same-sex marriage in the state and marked a pivotal moment in the national drive for recognition.

With a rainbow-lit Niagara Falls as a backdrop early Sunday, Lambert, 54, and Rudd, 53, were among the first gay couples to tie the knot with the blessing of the state, which last month became the sixth and largest to sanction gay marriage. Couples in Albany, Hudson and Long Island also exchanged vows just after midnight Saturday, kicking off what was expected to be a Sunday packed with weddings.
Of course, there were plenty of others who had the 24 hour waiting period waived and got married one minute after midnight. Along with the joy and relief experienced by our LGBT community to finally have the right to marry in New York, our enemies never sleep and were planning protests around the state and at the state capitol on Sunday. Can't they just be happy for two people in love and willing to commit their lives to one another? (Rhetorical question to those who want to deny us equal rights in New York who are sucking lemons.)
Advocates and opponents, many of whom reject same-sex marriage on religious grounds, said the New York vote, propelled by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, would invigorate both sides.

Protests were planned around the state for Sunday, including at the state Capitol.
You had better believe it has invigorated our side and we will not take this victory for granted! This morning in LGBT history has dawned at 12:01 am and will be a glorious day in the history of LGBT rights in this country.

A little celebration with Judy Garland is in order.

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