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It’s Wedding Day in New York!

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Weddings can now begin in New York. This will be considered the tipping point in the quest for equality.

It's going to be a great day. Thousands of same-sex couples will take their vows and be legally wed by the State of New York. We'll provide updates throughout the day.

Some couples will be getting married right at midnight. Via the NY Times:

The first marriages were scheduled to take place just after midnight in Niagara Falls, where officials planned to illuminate the famous cascade in the colors of a rainbow, and in Albany, where an eager mayor planned to marry eight gay couples.

In New York City, 823 couples signed up in advance to get marriage licenses on Sunday, and many of those couples were expected to marry minutes later in city clerk’s offices across the five boroughs. Officials from more than a dozen cities and towns from Buffalo to Brookhaven said they would open their offices to issue marriage licenses on Sunday, and more than 100 judges across the state have volunteered to officiate at the couples’ weddings on the spot.
On Friday, I was on the Hill for a blogger summmit. Most of the discussion was about the debt debacle. But, I talked to the two New Yorker members who were there, Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, about what's happening today. Here are their messages:

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