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MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts pounds GOProud like a drum

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MSNBC's openly gay, and uber handsome anchor, Thomas Roberts, hosted Jimmy DeSalvia, the head of GOProud, on his show. Roberts refused to hold back:

Roberts was speaking to Jimmy DeSalvia, the head of GOProud, a gay Republican organization, about Bachmann. DeSalvia said it was important to "replace" a "failed president," and that his organization had reached out to all the GOP presidential candidates. (Bachmann is known for her ferocious opposition to gay rights, and video footage has shown that a clinic she co-owns practices so-called "conversion therapy" on gay people.)

"You will replace [Obama] with a person who would extinguish you," Roberts said to DeSalvia. He adding that Bachmann is someone who "doesn't believe that you have a right in this country to get married, that believes you don't even have a right in this country to be gay because she co-owns a clinic that will convert you."
BAM! From the dazed response of DeSalvia, I just don't think he saw that left hook coming.

That Thomas Roberts makes gay men swoon everywhere in America!

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