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Niemöller Revisited: A Poem for Obama from Dan Choi

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I was participating in a dialogue taking place on Facebook with several LGBT veterans and activists and Dan Choi penned a fantastic take on the Niemöller poem that I had to share because it is so timely and relevant:

First, they came for the gay veterans.
He didn't fight hard; he wasn't gay.
Next, they came for the immigrants.
He didn't fight hard; he wasn't "illegal."
Next, they came for the trade unionists.
He didn't fight hard; he no longer belonged to a union.
Next, they came for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
He didn't fight hard; he wasn't poor.
But finally they came for him,
and there was nobody willing to fight hard for him.
-Dan Choi
It is strangely appropriate that "the gays" have truly been the canaries in the coal mine regarding Obama's perverse ability to sabotage his relationship with his strongest natural allies. Isn't that the case with the "Niemöller Poem" and how the first victims' cries for help and warning went unheeded?

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