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NYT profiles homophobes who lost, but are still fighting marriage in NY

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The haters are still hating. And, it's a real ugly group in today's NYT:

“There’s a lot of discontent out there,” said the Rev. Jason J. McGuire, the executive director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, which tried unsuccessfully to persuade lawmakers not to approve same-sex marriage this year.

Mr. McGuire and other opponents of same-sex marriage predicted complications for wedding industry professionals like caterers, photographers or florists, who might not want to provide their services to gay couples but fear legal repercussions for refusing. The opponents had sought to include protections in the same-sex marriage legislation for private bridal-related businesses, but did not succeed.
Jeremy Hooper has repeatedly highlighted the words of Rev. McGuire. He attacked Senator Tom Duane and Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell. And, like Michele Bachman, McGuire also blamed Satan:
"Your ultimate enemy is a spiritual enemy -- Satan. That's where this lie is coming from"
Also, here's some news for all NY couples getting married: Don't hire Christian DJ Enterprises. The company doesn't want your business:
They are seeking to protect business people like Clifton S. McLaughlin, 45, the president of Christian DJ Enterprises in the Bronx, who said in an interview that while no same-sex couples had inquired yet about his services, he would decline their business if any did.

“I would just let them know that I love them as God’s creation,” Mr. McLaughlin said, “but based on my Christian faith and my belief in God and what the Bible teaches, I cannot and I don’t support gay lifestyles.”
Not sure why the NYT felt compelled to share this tidbit, I doubt there were going to be lines hoping to secure the services of Mr. McLaughlin. His website includes this information:
We believe music was created by our Heavenly Father, and Satan has perverted some music; but as Christians, we are taking the beats back from the prince of the air and jamming for Jesus. Remember what makes a song sacred; it is not the beat but the words. Hallelujah - Amen.
Yes, Satan keeps making appearance today.

That town clerk from Barker who quit because she doesn't want to issue marriage licenses is getting her 15 minutes of fame. She better milk it since she gave up her paycheck.

The Times also quotes NOM's Brian Brown, who is still fuming (and probably still weeping.) I think Brian and Maggie's best days are behind them. The dam has burst. If they want to raise millions for their useless effort to get the marriage repeal on the ballot somehow, have at it. That will keep them busy for awhile.

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