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Truth Wins Out’s Evan Hurst takes on the Bachmanns’ "ex-gay" controversy on Hardball

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Andy Towle reports that seven cable news shows covered the growing Bachmann clinic controversy yesterday. It's a huge story.

Evan Hurst, from Truth Wins Out, and Michelle Goldberg, of THEDAILYBEAST.COM, appeared on Hardball today to deconstruct the Bachmann's attempts to absolutely refuse to respond to the allegations, and video proof, their clinic does participate in Reparative Therapy to "cure" gays of their sexual orientation (switched the embed to YouTube via SuchIsLife.)

I've often admired Evan Hurst's activism and contributions via his sometimes appropriately irreverent and extremely quick wit. It was good to see him take down the Bachmanns a notch or two today on "Hardball."

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