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Vatican abetted cover-up of child rape scandal in Ireland

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The Vatican played a key role in Ireland's child rape scandal according to a new report from the Irish government. From the Irish Times:

The Vatican was “entirely unhelpful” to any bishop who wanted to implement procedures for dealing with allegations of child sexual abuse in the Irish Catholic Church, a report has found.

The Commission of Investigation Report into the Catholic Diocese of Cloyne states that a decision by the Vatican to brand a framework document on child sexual abuse, agreed by the Irish Bishops Conference in 1996, as “not an official document” effectively gave individual Irish bishops “the freedom to ignore” the guidelines.

The Vatican response “can only be described as unsupportive especially in relation to the civil authorities,” the commission said in its 341 page report.
Having watched the Vatican for years, I have to say, this isn't surprising, but it's beyond disgusting. More from the New York Times
Ireland’s minister for children, Frances Fitzgerald, said that the report indicated that the Vatican’s “sole concern was the protection of the institution — not the children.”

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said on Wednesday that the Vatican had no comment on the Cloyne report.
Of course the Vatican had no comment. But, Catholic Church leaders never miss an opportunity to jump in front of a microphone when they can engage in gay-bashing.

The Vatican has been exposed. And, the church's leaders have no moral authority. None. This is sick behavior.

And, whenever a church leader has the audacity to attack or criticize the LGBT community, there's a simple response: STFU.

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