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Active-duty servicemembers marched in Mannheim, Germany pride parade

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Via Andrew Harmon, a group of servicemembers in Europe sent another signal that DADT is just about over. They marched openly in a German pride parade:

With “don’t ask, don’t tell” slated for decommission come September 20, a group of active-duty U.S. service members stationed in Europe celebrated in advance over the weekend by marching in a German gay pride festival parade.

On Saturday, 13 service members, joined by some civilian supporters, participated in the CSD Mannheim 2011 parade, according to OutServe Germany chapter co-leader Capt. Carlos Coronado, who is stationed at Buechel Air Base. Their presence — perhaps the first American active-duty contingent to march in an overseas pride parade — follows a group of about 350 active-duty and veteran service members who participated in the San Diego pride parade last month.

“We watched that very closely,” Coronado told The Advocate of the San Diego event. “One of our girls saw her girlfriend participate in the pride march, so we were really excited about it and wanted to see if we could do it here as well.”
And, march they did.

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann, who has been squirming a bit on gay issues, wants these servicemembers back in the closet:
Bachmann, a favorite of the ultraconservative Tea Party movement, said she would revisit the policy if she reaches the White House.

"The 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy has worked very well," she told CNN's "State of the Union."

"I would be in consultation with our commanders, but yes, I probably will" reinstate the ban, she added.
Yeah, because only 80% of the American people are on our side. Repealing DADT has turned out to be one of Obama's greatest achievements. And, it's one that the American people overwhelmingly support. Be interesting to see how the other GOPers respond once the law is officially dead. Reinstating DADT is a total political loser -- outside of those hard-core wingnuts who control the GOP.

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