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Bachmann squirms on the gay

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Joe posted yesterday a video of GOP presidential candidate and Tea Party leader Michele Bachmann being quizzed on Meet the Press about her stance on gay issues.  Bachmann is rather anti-gay, to put it lightly, but yesterday she did everything she could to distance herself from the gay issue.  She didn't go back on her previous words, but still, note in the video how she downright squirms over David Gregory's questioning.  She even seems to suggest that she'd be okay having openly gay appointees in her administration, including openly gay judges.

Now, that's just bs.  There's no way Michele Bachmann is going to appoint an openly gay Supreme Court justice.  But it interesting that even Michele Bachmann, the darling of the religious right, feels the need to tone it down on the gay.  It doesn't mean she's going to change her anti-gay policies, but it is evidence that even the far right realizes that being perceived as anti-gay is no longer to even their political advantage.  And that's interesting.

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