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Dolly has apologized to the lesbian couple over the Dollywood t-shirt incident

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I thought she'd come through and say something. Dolly Parton has apologized to Olivier Odom and Jennifer Tipton over the Dollywood t-shirt incident. Via The Advocate:

Parton's statement reads: "I am truly sorry for the hurt or embarrassment regarding the gay and lesbian t-shirt incident at Dollywood's Splash Country recently. Everyone knows of my personal support of the gay and lesbian community. Dollywood is a family park and all families are welcome." Parton adds that the policies on clothing or signs with profanity or controversial messages are in place to protect the person wearing the shirt and keep disturbances at the park to a minimum. Parton adds, "I am looking further into the incident and hope and believe it was more policy than insensitivity. I am very sorry it happened at all."

Parton, a longtime advocate for equality and civil rights, is currently on tour to promote her latest album Better Day.
"Marriage is so gay" shouldn't really be considered controversial. It is in many parts of the country (like Tennessee.) It shouldn't be.

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