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My high school brush with greatness, the author Aleta Bezzic

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A friend of mine from high school, Aleta Bezzic, has written a really fun read that is enticing to those of us who love reading about the stereotypical girl, who usually ends up being best friends with the gay boy, getting her man. In gay colloquillism she is known as a "fag hag," and the stereotype is that she is big boned, has a big heart, fiercely intelligent and a great sense of humor. Well, Aleta Bezzic, has combined these qualities to write an excellent novel, "Longshot," where the fag hag type wins a television reality competition by stealing the heart of a handsome latin marine biologist.

Aleta and I were friends in high school and starred in our high school's production of "Bye Bye Birdie" (posted photo of one of our performances). I'm incapable of surprise anymore by my personal connections, from my little home town of Grove, Oklahoma, to people who have made it on this same level as Aleta. Like me, she has become a world traveler and she currently lives in Dubai. It has seemed to just be part of my destiny for these remarkable brushes with greatness, but I am so proud of her. Get the book. It is highly enjoyable for all of us Mo's who just so happen to dig chick flicks and romance novels told from this unique perspective. You will end up feeling elated after rooting for the stereotypical "fag hag" to score against all the thin, beautiful mean girls and finally get her man!

You can find Aleta on Facebook, as well, and she writes:

Sales are going well, and even better the reviews have been great! After you read LONGSHOT, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon. I'm working on the sequel, EL TANGO. Some readers said they can't wait to see what's in store for Aspen next!
I'm sold on Aleta's character, Aspen Podchechin, and want to read about her future adventures with her handsome latin lover. In fact, I can envision a successful movie being made from the engaging story she tells.

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