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A double loss for NOM in the First Circuit Court of Appeals

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Any day that NOM loses is a good day for equality. But, when NOM loses twice, it's just so much better. From On Top Magazine:

In Maine and Rhode Island, NOM has been fighting disclosure laws that require advocacy groups to report details about their work, including their donors.

But in separate rulings released yesterday by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, the court upheld both states' disclosure laws.

In the Rhode Island case, the court ruled that the state's law imposed little burden on the group and served a valuable government interest, the Providence Journal reported.

In the Maine case, NOM argued that the state's reporting requirements are vague and over-broad, Maine Public Broadcasting Network reported.
Maggie and Brian have to realize that their little hate-based fiefdom is disintegrating around them. They're going to have to disclose their previously hidden donors, which will probably mean their revenue sources will dry up. Public opinion is turning against them big time. The courts are moving towards equality, too.

The demise of NOM is going to be so fun to watch.

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