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Meet Gabe Aderhold, the 17 year old student who heckled Bachmann

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Yesterday, Michele and Marcus Bachmann got heckled at the Iowa State Fair -- by 17 year old Gabe Aderhold. The Des Moines Register interviewed him:

Gabe Aderhold said before heckling Michele Bachmann at today’s Iowa State Fair that his mission was to help educate the representative about how harmful her rhetoric against gay and lesbians is to her constituents.

Aderhold, 17, is gay and said part of his reasons for speaking publicly is to bring awareness to gay issues after the death of a family friend – a 15-year-old gay boy who lived in Bachmann’s district and who committed suicide in 2009 after being bullied.

“It is her responsibility to address social issues in her area, and there have been six suicides in the last year from being bullied in her district,” Aderhold said to The Des Moines Register prior to heckling Michele Bachmann today at the Iowa State Fair.
Andy Towle posted video:

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