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Homophobia is a family affair for the leader of CPAC, Al Cardenas, and his wife, Diana

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Last week, CPAC, the biggest gathering of conservative wingnuts, kicked out GOProud. The new chair of the conference, Al Cardenas, doesn't want the gays around anymore.

Seems that homophobia runs deep in the Cardenas household. His wife, Diana, was exhibiting her hatred of the gays on Facebook, where she had to "ventilate" her feelings about the LGBT community. Classy. Very classy.

Steve Rothaus has the details and the actual Facebook chat. I feel bad for any member of that family who happens to be gay.

What a nasty bunch.

Anyway, the trendline is moving in our direction -- and moving fast. Support for LGBT equality has overwhelming support among young voters. But, CPAC and NOM are holding the GOPers hostage to their anti-gay agenda. Homophobia actually is a choice. In 2011, it's very stupid from a political perspective. Oh well. Have at it, haters.

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