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Pope Benedict will be greeted by another Spanish same-sex kiss-in

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Pope Benedict the 16th Century is visiting Spain again, a trip that's garnering enormous controversy. And, Spain's LGBT community is doing its part by holding another kiss-in for the pontiff:

Spanish gays and lesbians say they will hold a separate protest homosexual "kiss-in" after the pope's arrival Thursday.

The kiss-in, being organised on Facebook, is to protest against the Church's "moral condemnations of sexuality," said Jaime del Val, a spokesman for one of the gay groups involved, Asamblea Transmaricabollo de Sol.

When the pope last visited Spain in November last year, he was confronted by a homosexual kiss-in in Barcelona.

About 200 gay men and women couples locked lips to demand the Church recognise their right to be gay as he paraded through Barcelona's streets November 7 in his transparent "popemobile".
The Facebook page is here.

As we know, leaders of the Catholic Church are obsessed with the gays. And, I suspect many in the Pope's traveling party will be quite excited to see the kiss-in.

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