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Salon interviews Dan Savage

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Interestingly, Dan is more sanguine about Obama and gay rights than we are.  From Salon:
You were invited to a White House reception, but you wore an "evolve already" button, jabbing Obama for his "evolving" comments. But you support his political pragmatism.

Right. Which means, I went to the president's reception. I didn't leap over the rope line to meet him. I'm going to write him a check. I'm going to wear an "evolve already" button, and participate in this kabuki nonsense around his position on gay marriage. What we know about evolution now is there are leaps in evolution. I believe the president will experience an evolutionary leap in January of 2013, win or lose the election. I think we're going to see a lot of evolution then. And that's, it's insulting when somebody says your relationship, your marriage isn't as important or valid, and your family doesn't deserve the same protections as everybody else, for political reasons. But we've got to play the game. We have to win the argument. And we are -- we are playing the game and winning the argument.

You see the polls on marriage equality moving in our favor. Unfortunately, you know, some people say therefore the president should come out in favor of marriage equality. Fifty-one, 52 percent of Americans aren't for marriage equality in every state. And the overwhelming support for marriage equality in California and New York, and blue states, isn't going to add up to a victory. I've actually written and think that if the president came out for marriage equality now, I don't think Republicans who are for marriage equality are going to vote for him on that basis, but I do think Democrats who oppose it will vote against him, for that reason. So politically, I don't think it's unwise for the president to evolve at the pace he's evolving right now. But I don't believe him.
Our own Joe Sudbay is the one who first came up with "evolve already" phrase, and started promoting it. And, as always, you can get your own free "evolve already" button, a copy of the exact same button that Dan Savage wore to the White House, with every purchase you make at the AMERICAblog store over at Don't Panic.

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