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White House has named an interim LGBT liaison

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Chris Johnson broke the news:

The White House has designated a gay administration official as the interim point of contact for the LGBT community until a permanent liaison is named, the Washington Blade has learned exclusively.

Shin Inouye, a White House spokesperson, said Raul Alvillar, who currently serves as associate director for public engagement at the Office of the Vice President, will serve as a temporary replacement for Brian Bond, the current LGBT liaison. Bond, who's leaving later this month for a position at the Democratic National Committee, is deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and handled LGBT outreach as part of his portfolio.
I've never heard of Raul Alvillar. From the HRC statement, it sounds like they don't know him either. But, they've heard "good things." Comforting. Chris also reports that CAP's Winnie Stachelberg is "thrilled." What a surprise!

Raul Alvillar needs to get to work immediately to prevent the deportation of Anthony Makk, the husband of Bradford Wells. Their story is getting widespread coverage and is making the Obama administration look really bad -- and totally heartless.

Then, maybe Mr. Alvillar can help his boss evolve already on marriage equality.

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