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FBI agents upset that new movie suggests Hoover was gay

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Too bad.  The Washington Post reporter says there's no evidence that Hoover was gay.  Well, read Wikipedia, and it seems there is evidence to suggest he might have been gay. A sample:

Since the 1940s, rumors have circulated that Hoover was gay.[33] It has been suggested that Clyde Tolson, an associate director of the FBI who was Hoover's heir, may have been his lover.[34]
Hoover hunted down and threatened anyone who made insinuations about his sexuality.[35] He also spread unsubstantiated rumors that Adlai Stevenson was gay to damage the liberal governor's 1952 presidential campaign.[35] His extensive secret files contained surveillance material on Eleanor Roosevelt's alleged lesbian lovers, speculated to be acquired for the purpose of blackmail.[35]

Some authors have dismissed the rumors about Hoover's sexuality and his relationship with Tolson in particular as unlikely,[36] while others have described them as probable or even "confirmed",[37] and still others have reported the rumors without stating an opinion.[38] Hoover described Tolson as his alter ego: The men not only worked closely together during the day but also took meals, went to night clubs and vacationed together.[34]

This closeness between the two men is often cited as evidence that they were lovers, though some FBI employees who knew them, such as W. Mark Felt, say that the relationship was merely "brotherly".

Tolson inherited Hoover's estate and moved into his home, having accepted the American flag that draped Hoover's casket. Tolson is buried a few yards away from Hoover in the Congressional Cemetery.

Among those skeptical of claims that Hoover was homosexual is Hoover's biographer Richard Hack. Hack notes that Hoover was romantically linked to actress Dorothy Lamour in the late 1930s and early 1940s, and that after Hoover's death Lamour did not deny rumors that she had had an affair with Hoover in the years between her two marriages.[39] Hack additionally reports that during the 1940s and 1950s, Hoover so often attended social events with Lela Rogers, the divorced mother of dancer and actress Ginger Rogers, that many of their mutual friends assumed the pair would eventually marry.[39]

In his 1993 biography Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, journalist Anthony Summers quoted "society divorcee" Susan Rosenstiel as claiming to have seen Hoover engaging in cross-dressing in the 1950s. She stated that on two occasions she witnessed Hoover wearing a fluffy pink dress with flounces and lace, stockings, high heels and a black curly wig, at homosexual orgies.

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