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NH GOP will now to try to repeal marriage equality rather than pass constitutional amendment

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And they apparently want to basically give us "civil unions" that provide next to no benefits.  Nice.  The party of hatred and intolerance strikes again.  I guess New Hampshire can now just change its state motto to "die" since the "live free" part is apparently no longer applicable.  From AP:

The bill would not enact the same civil unions law that was in effect before gays were allowed to marry. That law granted gays all the rights and responsibilities of marriage except in name. The proposed civil unions law would be open to any two adults and would let anyone refuse to recognize the unions. It also would allow anyone to discriminate against such couples in employment, housing and public accommodations based on religious or moral beliefs.

Supporters said the two proposed repeal bills would not apply to gay marriages that have already occurred, but would stop new ones. More than 1,500 New Hampshire gay couples have married so far under the current law.

But opponents said the law has conflicting provisions that appear to bar the courts from recognizing same-sex relationships as valid, while declaring gay marriages in effect before the repeal took effect to remain valid.
People are out of work across the entire country and the Republican party in NH thinks the most important issue facing Americans is the burning need to take away the civil rights of a minority. How Mississippi of them.

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