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GOP congress gay-bashers flip out that US ambassador defended gay human rights

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Well if that's a reason to fire her, her boss, the US Secretary of State, just said far more on the topic than any American official ever has.

It is interesting, however, that Republican members of Congress are still gay-bashing - they'd toned it done the past few years, seemingly out of fear for their own re-elections, and more generally, coming off as the wacky extremists that everyone already thinks they are. It's interesting that they'd get upset about a speech defending the human rights of anybody. GOP Senator Jim DeMint, who is from... wait for it... South Carolina (surprise!), is the leader of the anti-human rights pack in the Senate apparently.

It's too bad that Senator DeMint doesn't have better things to do with his time than continue the age-old southern tradition of beating up minorities.

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