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Rick Perry thinks gays who wants countries to stop executing them are seeking "special rights"

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I'm smelling another "beard" policy statement from Rick "I'm so anti-gay, please ignore all those rumors" Perry. The latest? Perry is vewy vewy upset that President Obama has included the oppression, beating, and murder of gay and trans people in his human rights policy.

Rick Perry says that that's just asking for "special rights."  From CNN:

"This administration's war on traditional American values must stop," Perry said in a statement.

He continued: "Promoting special rights for gays in foreign countries is not in America's interests and not worth a dime of taxpayers' money."

Perry said the president's move was "the most recent example of an administration at war with people of faith in this country."
Now, I know the Republicans like torture (thus the spontaneous applause whenever torture is mentioned at a GOP debate (it's the Frau Blucher of catchwords for the GOP)), but I didn't realize that Republicans felt that the torture, imprisonment and murder of minorities was a "traditional American value." (Then again, you might want to check with Native Americans, Japanese Americans, African-Americans...) I'm also not sure I've ever heard the right to live free of being put to death for being gay a "special right."

Perry went on in his statement to criticize the "gay lifestyle."  I for one would like to know what Rick Perry knows about the gay lifestyle.  I'd also like to know when the media plans to follow up with Perry and ask him why he thinks the torture, imprisonment and execution of gays is a traditional American value.

The lady Perry doth protest too much.

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