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I've written about this site before.  It's one of my favorites.  Brilliant idea.  Collect photos from gay people of themselves as kids, photos that show from an early age that these kids were destined to be gay.  There are so many great photos.  This one below is perhaps my new favorite.

"Dorothy & Toto with their loyal steeds!"
It's the story of Eamonn, and his fixation as a four year old on being Judy Garland.
Eamonn, age 4
Brighton, MI (1991)

It was an epic Christmas morning, and I had just turned 4 a few months prior.
In 1989, the 50th Anniversary Edition "The Wizard of Oz" VHS came out, and I became obsessed with 1) being a friend of Dorothy and 2) actually becoming her.

Still in my yellow dress shirt from a Christmas Eve party at my grandparents, I eagerly transformed myself into a hybrid of Judy Garland and Glinda the Good Witch.

Note the fabulous pink wand. And those ruby slippers stayed on my feet for at least a week!

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