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CNN personality appears to "joke" about violence against gays

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I have no idea how else to take this.  CNN's Roland Martin defended Tracy Morgan's "joke" about killing his son if he turned out gay, and now Martin is making "jokes" about beating the "sh*t" (he used a thinly-veiled euphemism) out of any guys who liked the homoerotic David Beckham SuperBowl ad.

Martin refuses to acknowledge it, but he's had an ongoing problem with being on the wrong side of gay civil rights issues.  But this time... Woosh.  Smack the sh*t out of any guy who was hyped about the ad.  Seriously, Roland?  That was just a joke?  Because it's funny to smack the sh*t out of guys who get off on homoerotic underwear ads, guys who of course you now claim have nothing to do with being gay.  They're just guys who get off on other guys in hot underwear.  No confusion there.

Roland Martin has a serious problem with gay civil rights.  And CNN now has a serious problem as well. Everyone screws up occasionally.  But when you keep making the same mistake over and over again, eventually it tells us something about who you really are.

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