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If a defense contractor can adopt an LGBT non-discrimination policy, so can the US government

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Well, the US government already has an LGBT non discrimination policy for its own employees, but it doesn't have one for federal contractors.  It does, however, have a policy requiring federal contractors not to discriminate against the usual categories of victim (race, religion, gender, etc), but nothing about sexual orientation or gender identity.  That needs to change.  And with the news that DynCorp, a big defense contractor, has now amended their non discrimination policy to cover gay and trans workers, this only gives more fodder for the push to convince the administration to do the same for all (most, there's a $10,000 annual contract threshold) federal contractors.

Some may say that the President has done enough this term on gay civil rights.  I would argue that it's never "enough" until we're free.  But, we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.  We should, however, help friends to understand if Mitt Romney becomes the nominee, a lot of people are going to fall for his "I'm really liberal and just pretending to be conservative" schtick.  It would behoove the administration to seal the deal with the gay community, and progressives more generally, before the election.  And one way to do it is amending the existing executive order and adding sexual orientation and gender identity.

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