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How the evil gays turned Andrew Brietbart into a conservative

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Andrew Brietbart is a conservative activist.  And increasingly coming off as a bit of a mess.  He ran into Mike Signorile at the conservative CPAC conference.  As Mike tells the story, it was a bit of an odd encounter:

"The devil is here! The devil is here!" bellowed a voice in the distance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last weekend.

Turning around I see that Andrew Breitbart -- the conservative activist who later would go outside and call Occupy protesters "filthy freaks" -- is pointing at me to a crowd of people. "The devil is here -- and he's wearing Prada!"

Breitbart then told the crowd, gathered around his producer's station on "radio" row at CPAC, my name and affiilations, and that it was the issue of “outing,” and my being at the center of it 20 years ago, that drove him from liberalism to joining the right-wing.

"It's all because of you!" his producer exclaimed to me.

My first reaction was to ask for an interview. What followed a while later was an impromptu public debate in the exhibit hall, with a crowd of people surrounding us (many with cameras and recorders), on the issue of outing.
Right, you no longer care about helping people, and now prefer to help corporations, because Mike outed Malcolm Forbes 20 years ago.


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