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Maryland Marriage Bill Passed House Committees tonight. Sam Arora didn't vote.

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Tonight, Annie Linskey, who covers Annapolis for the Baltimore Sun, tweeted:

Bill passes 25-18. Arora passes. Does not vote.
Basically, this means two things: 1) the marriage equality bill in Maryland took a big first step tonight by passing in the combined House Judiciary and Health and Government Operations Committees ; and 2) Delegate Sam Arora, who ran as a pro-equality candidate and purports to be a progressive, is acknowledging his conversion to homophobia.

More on Arora here, here and here.

In 2011, the marriage bill passed the Senate, but didn't make it to the House floor. This year, it will get a House vote. Keep an eye on Arora for that one. He has to realize that anti-gay behavior by elected officials who ran as allies of our community will not stand. This all begs the question we asked last year: What happened to Sam Arora's support for marriage? Still wondering.

UPDATE: Andy Towle reports there is still work to do:
At a rally last night before an evening of lobbying lawmakers, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley told marriage equality supporters they still need a few votes in the House to pass the measure.

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