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If it’s Tuesday, Sam Arora must be for civil unions

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It's far past time for Maryland Delegate Sam Arora to come out of the closet and admit why he suddenly had a 180 degree reversal on marriage (he was for marriage, then opposed to marriage, now he's for civil unions - so far).

If someone has something on him, which is one of the possibilities, then he ought to come clean, because his constituents deserve to know if their local representative has been compromised. And if he hasn't been compromised, then he still needs to come clean and admit what changed his mind? What made him change from an ardent and proud fierce advocate of marriage equality, a guy who openly bragged about his support for gay marriage, to the mealymouthed wimp he's now become?  There are a lot of rumors about what happened, and none of them are good.

It's always suspicious when politicians have death-bed conversions, and they're not even on their death bed.  It leaves far too many questions, none of which cast a good light on the politician in question.

Sam Arora is a homophobe.  But worse, he's a liar.  Democrats need to ensure that this far right Republican in Democratic clothing loses his re-election, and never steps foot in Democratic politics again.

Remember this face and name.  Because we surely will.

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