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Marriage protests held across country, arrests for civil disobedience in Texas

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Yesterday was Valentine's Day. And, it was a day of action for GetEQUAL. The Guardian had a report on a number of the protests, which occurred in six states, including Texas, New Mexico and California:

Hundreds of same-sex marriage campaigners across the US will mark Valentine's Day by applying – and being rejected – for marriage licences.

The campaign, organised by a nationwide coalition including Marriage Equality USA and Get Equal, will see couples at 20 locations across six states travel to clerk's offices in a bid to draw attention to the disparity between straight and gay couples in America.
In Texas, that meant efforts to obtain marriage licences and arrests:
Tuesday morning dozens of same-sex couples showed up at the Travis County Clerk’s Office trying to get marriage licenses.

GetEQUAL TX organized the annual Valentine's Day event to raise awareness about the desire by many to be legally married.

Many of the couples walked into the clerk’s office hand-in-hand.

Constables later arrested three people who were obstructing the hallway to the clerk's office at the location on Airport Boulevard.

Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir explained to each couple that the state of Texas did not give her the ability to offer a marriage license.

“Perhaps in the future I could issue a marriage license, but until that day I’m afraid I have to turn you down,” explained DeBeauvoir to a same-sex couple asking for a marriage license.

After the final couple was denied, DeBeauvoir walked away only to hide her tears.
The three protesters who got arrested were Iana DiBona, her partner Tiffani Bishop (They are co-organizers for Central Texas GetEQUAL) and Brittney Tovar. You can see them -- and hear them singing -- in this video filmed at the Travis County Clerk's office.

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