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Nancy Goldstein on why marriage equality is inevitable

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Nancy Goldstein in the Guardian:

In Christie's defense, his calculations are no different from those of his non-Republican peers the next state over in New York – or anywhere. Cuomo also thirsts for the presidency. But he's betting that by the time his chance for a run comes, his national party will support same-sex marriage, making his earlier support seem prescient and progressive.

Ditto for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, another future presidential aspirant with his finger in the wind. He also tried to use the state's 2011 marriage equality struggle to recast himself as a strong supporter of LGBT rights, despite his dismal record. In 2004, he refused to follow Newsome's lead. In February 2005 (!), when a New York state supreme court justice actually ruled that same-sex marriages didn't violate the state constitution and gave the city 30 days to begin issuing licenses, Bloomberg appealed. What a difference seven years and the legalization of same-sex marriage in a half dozen states make!

Politicians won't stop playing political football with LGBT rights until all parties determine that it's to their advantage to kick us over the goal post. Mark my words: odds are, when that great day arrives, it will be Valentine's Day week.

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