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NJ Assembly passes gay marriage bill, GOP Gov. Christie says he’ll veto

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And this is why even "good" Republicans are bad Republicans. There really are no good ones left. AP:

The New Jersey Assembly on Thursday passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriages, setting the stage for an expected veto by Gov. Chris Christie.

The 41-33 vote sends the bill to Christie's desk. The Republican governor who opposes gay marriage had promised "very swift action" if the bill passed both houses of the Legislature. The Senate approved the bill Monday.

Christie and most state Republican lawmakers want gay marriage put to a popular vote. Democrats say gay marriage is a civil right protected by the Constitution and not subject to referendum.
Governor Christie is the one who said a few weeks ago that black civil rights leaders would have welcome a vote on their civil rights, rather than have to go through all that trouble marching.

Considering that nearly half of Mississippi Republicans think inter-racial should be outlawed - the poll was taken less than a year ago - I'm pretty comfortable positing that civil rights leaders in the 50s and 60s would not have welcomed a popular vote on their civil rights.

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