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Signorile interviews Victoria Jackson about Prop 8

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Mike Signorile caught up with former SNL star, turned far-right activist, Victoria Jackson at the recent conservative CPAC conference:

So if we allow votes like Prop 8 in California on gay marriage, does Jackson think we should we be voting on everything else, including other civil rights?

"We should vote on everything -- of course we should vote on everything," she said. But then she changed her mind: "Oh no, I believe in a republic where we should have elected officials. Democracy turns into mob-ocracy."

But in California the people voted on civil marriage, she is told, so what happened in California was mob rule, right?

"No, um, it was a judge. It was judge," she answers, hesitating. "I don't know. You're confusing me. I'm a beginner political activist."

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