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A campaign kick-off for Trevor Thomas

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On Saturday night, Trevor Thomas held the formal kick-off for his campaign for Congress in Michigan's Third CD. He's already getting some big-time backers:

Thomas, 29, received the endorsement of former Kent County GOP Chairman Bob Eleveld, who spoke in his support at the Saturday night gathering at downtown’s Bar Divani.

Eleveld later shared his views of Thomas as a “fresh face” with an unmatched level of energy that will pose a challenge to his opponents, incumbent U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, and Steve Pestka, whom Thomas will face in the primary election.

Thomas, a former WOOD-TV8 news producer who served in former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s executive office already has earned her endorsement and that of former Lt. Gov. John Cherry.

While Thomas supports the environment, woman’s rights and LGBT rights, he’s strong in his beliefs and will not waver, Eleveld said.
That last line is key. Trevor will not waver. Meanwhile, his Democratic primary opponent, Steve Pestka (the choice of the Democratic establishment-types in the area) is anti-choice. I know, right? This election cycle already has an intense focus on women's rights. It seems like every e-mail I get from the DCCC is on that very subject. A recent one from Billie Jean King had a subject line "Battle of the sexes?" Yet, in Michigan's 3rd CD, there's actually an anti-choice candidate running in the Democratic primary. Although, as Marcy Wheeler, who lives in the 3rd CD notes, apparently, we're not supposed to talk about that.

And, I love this last paragraph. It's so Trevor:
“I will not be able to outspend my opponents,” he said. “We can do a house party every single night. We can talk to students and talk to groups and talks to woman’s groups and everything every single night. It’s what we can afford to do because we also have a little bit of energy and we will be able to get out there in ways other people cannot.”
No one will outwork Trevor.

If you want to help Trevor's campaign for all of us, the ActBlue page is here. Every little bit helps -- and, he'll put that money to good use. Again, no one will outwork Trevor.

Here's the video released when Trevor first said he was running:

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