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Priest who denied communion to lesbian at mom’s funeral is suspended

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Hmmm... This is all well and good - it's great, actually - but coming from the Catholic church, it's downright weird. This is not a church known for its love of fellow man. Yes, they responded appropriately. And no, they never respond appropriately in these sort of matters.


A priest who denied communion to a lesbian at her mother's funeral has been placed on leave, according to the Roman Catholic archdiocese.

A letter from an archdiocese official said that the Rev. Marcel Guarnizo was placed on leave for engaging in intimidating behavior, according to The archdiocese had previously apologized for Guarnizo’s behavior.
The priest also refused to accompany the dead woman to the cemetery for her burial. So this was pretty bad. But it's hardly any worse than anything the Vatican, or US Cardinals, do on a daily basis to gays, or to pro-choicers. How is the Catholic churches annual attempt at influencing the US elections on behalf of the Republicans, when they ban John Kerry, for example, from taking communion, any less "intimidating"?  And it's not intimidation when the Catholic church cuts off services to foster children in Illinois and DC than simply treat gay people fairly?  Trying to influence legislation by abandoning needy kids isn't intimidation?  Talk to the kids the Catholic bishops used as their pawns.  And let's not even speak of the intimidation involved in aiding and abetting the rape of young children.

Yes, this is a great step in the right direction by the Catholic church. It's also totally hypocritical and completely out of step with the church's actions and pronouncements to date.

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