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English guy is very upset that his ice cream has gone pro-gay

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People like this.  Man.  His ice cream is trying to "force" him to become pro-gay.  Really?  And ads on TV that show straight couples, are they trying to force you to be straight?  Geez, it's a flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Unless you lived under a rock the past few decades, Ben & Jerry's is a liberal company (in America, that means left-wing, progressive, good guys who use their ice cream to promote social justice).

As for the writer's charge that Ben & Jerry's adopting a pro-marriage-equality ice cream flavor is a typical "American-style" campaign, I got news for you.  Claiming you're being oppressed by a flavor of ice cream, and then adding that you're really not a homophobe, is about as typical (religious right) American as you can get.

Oh, and great comments your post is eliciting, Mr. I Am Not A Homphobe.  I particluarly like this one: "is it fudge packed?"

Rick Santorum with an English accent.

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