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Intel Facebook app censors the word "gay" in your profile

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Bigotry inside.

Intel has a Facebook app called "What about me?" that scans your Facebook profile and your Twitter account and makes a very pretty graphic that is supposed to tell you something about yourself. That is, unless you're gay. In that case, Intel's app simply censors any mention of your sexual orientation. If you look to the left, you'll see that Intel also censors any mention of the fact that Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers undergrad who killed himself as his roommate cyber-spied on his, was gay.

Now, it's possible that Intel was worried about people slamming gays, or using "gay" as a derogatory term.  Okay.  So are they banning references to Jews, blacks, Latinos, women and every other possible victim of hate, or does Intel only throw gays down the memory hole?

Here's a copy of my What About Me? graphic to see what it looks like - the snippet they censor is in the bottom left.

(H/t to JDB for spotting this.)

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