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NC marriage equality opponent posts racist, homophobic photo of Obama

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Is anyone surprised that the homophobes trying to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment in North Carolina are also racists? From McClatchy:

A blogger for conservative N.C. think tank The John Locke Foundation has resigned after she illustrated a story about President Obama’s position on N.C.’'s Marriage Amendment with a photoshopped image of the president in chains and high heels with a bucket of fried chicken.

On Monday, "Meck Deck" blogger Tara Servatius, who hosted a talk show on WBT-AM (1110) until May 2011, posted a story about Obama and the marriage amendment, accompanied by an image of the president’s face photoshopped onto a black man wearing high heels and chains. Between the man’s legs is a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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