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Question for today: Who saw NOM's plan to start a race war and agreed to fund it? Mormons? Catholics?

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Last night's breaking news about the explosive documents showing that NOM wanted to create a race war between gays and blacks is reverberating. You really don't see many organizations put in writing that they want to start "fanning the hostility" between Americans of different races. And NOM's language on Latinos and assimilation is also highly offensive. Zack Ford wrote a post on the "Top 10 Highlights From NOM’s Race-Wedging, Donor-Hiding, Victim-Playing Confidential Strategies."

This scandal creates a number of questions. For me, the first one is: Who saw NOM's plan to start a race war and agreed to fund it?

There are some likely suspects who have close ties to the anti-gay industry, led by NOM, including the Catholic Bishops, Mormons and the Knights of Columbus.  Someone needs to ask each of those groups if they saw this racist plan and if they funded it.

Sure explains why NOM wants to keeps its donors secret. But, I hope we get some answers. We better.

NOM must be stopped. The next chance to do that is on May 8th in North Carolina. Last month, Maggie Gallagher told Chris Hayes that marriage is on the ballot in that state. And, she wants another win. That can't happen. Our side can win -- if we have the resources. Maggie and Brian want to start a race war with their money. We want to achieve equality with ours. If you haven't contributed to the campaign defeat Amendment 1, do it now.

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