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Gay-immigrant-loving GOP sheriff hits Obama on immigration. Hypocrisy much?

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"A lot has been said about me lately," says disgraced Republican congressional candidate Sheriff Paul Babeu in a new ad, a portion of which attacks President Obama's immigration policies. And by "a lot," the anti-immigrant, immigrant-loving border hawk means getting exposed by his undocumented Mexican ex-boyfriend as a good old-fashioned hypocrite earlier this year.

Babeu is still embroiled in a $1 million dollar lawsuit with Jose Orozco, who dated Babeu and claims that the sheriff threatened Orozco with deportation if he were to ever expose their relationship to the public. Babeu has admitted the relationship, but denies the deportation allegation. And that's not even mentioning Babeu's racy underwear pictures from an adult website.

Catering to the fringe, anti-Mexican Republican base, Babeu's new ad tries to hit the president on supposed lack of border enforcement, completely ignoring the fact that Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants that his predecessor George W. Bush. NPR notes that Obama "has focused more on deporting illegal immigrants with criminal histories, especially violent ones."  And Babeu doesn't like that?

"I'm still the conservative candidate," Babeu continues in the ad, which is fitting as he's the latest in a long line of "conservative" officials caught in gay sex scandals. While never an explicitly anti-gay Republican, Babeu's hypocrisy stems from years of supposed hawkish border enforcement, most famously displayed in Sen. John McCain's "Complete the Danged Fence" ad.  "Of all the illegals in America, half come through Arizona," says Babeu in that ad.

Do the other half come through his bedroom?

Babeu even pulls out his military record in an attempt to lure Republican voters. Normally, a military record would be an honorable and extraordinary accomplishment - except in the years of Obama Derangement Syndrome. Last year's GOP debates found a Republican audience actually booing a gay military serviceman after he asked a question about the now-dead "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Good luck with them, Paul.

Babeu represents everything Republican voters have attempted to distance themselves from - gay, immigrant-sympathizer, and even pro- "gay marriage." Ultimately though, Babeu cannot justify calling Obama's immigration stance lax as the President deports a record number of immigrants. Perhaps Babeu holds a grudge about Obama not deporting Orozco, the one immigrant who can bring him down the next election cycle.

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