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Mormon students do "It Gets Better" video

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I'll give them credit for sticking their necks out in a religion that hates them with every fiber of its being, and every dollar in its very deep pockets.

I did get a chuckle out of the spokeperson for Brigham Young University, where the students attend:

In recent years, the LDS Church-owned school has adjusted its Honor Code to allow students to identify as gay without facing sanctions so long as they avoid physical intimacy with members of the same sex. Chastity before marriage is expected of all students.

"Students who are upholding the Honor Code are welcome as full members of the BYU community," school spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said Friday.
Right, but the Mormon leadership is spending tens of millions of dollars to ensure that those students never can get married, so they expect them to be celibate for life. And they wonder why kids are killing themselves.


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