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AP: Norwegian terrorist was a feminine momma's-boy who wore make-up, so maybe he was gay

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I'm really surprised that AP didn't handle this story better. They have the nerve to do a story suggesting that the Norwegian mass-murderer terrorist might have been gay because - get this - he was kind of effeminate, lived with mom, and liked to sometimes put on make-up.

And what gay man doesn't lisp, put on make-up, and live with mom.

We're all Norman Bates, now.

Here's the title:
Friends suspected Norway killer was dejected, gay
And here's a snippet from the story:
One former friend who is now a lawyer in the military said Breivik had shown "feminine behavior and used makeup," and did not have many long-lasting relationships with women.

"I believed he was in a deep depression or that he was a homosexual who did not want to come out in public about it," he said.
At the end of Tuesday's hearing, Breivik responded to the claims, insisting that he had "never, ever been depressed" and rejecting the notion that he had behaved in a feminine manner, saying it was common for men to cover pimples with makeup. He did not comment on suggestions he may be gay.
AP will say that they're just reporting the news.

Okay, so would they do an article quoting friends making racist comments, and assumptions?

By presenting this stuff, unvarnished, AP gives truth to the lie that gay men are depressed loner momma's-boys who wear make-up. I'm not sure how AP should have handled this, but surely the way they did handle it was seriously inappropriate.

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