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GOP lawmaker and Baptist minister cites Bible passage calling for gays to be put to death

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And guess where he's from?

Racist Mississippi, of course.

That would be the state where a plurality of Republican voters still want to outlaw inter-racial marriage.

Someone needs to ask Andy Gipson where he stands on that issue - it would be fun to watch him lose votes by coming out in favor of the co-mingling of the races.

A few fun facts about Mississippi:

- Mississippi is the lynching capital of America.
- It's also the poverty capital of the United States.
- And the hunger capital.
- And the chlamydia capital.
- And the gonorrhea capital.
- And the obesity capital.
- And the child death capital.
- It's America's least healthy state.
- It ranks last in science education.
- And has America's lowest life expectancy (the south takes up most of the bottom 11 spots on the list).

Whatever all those Republican and Baptist bigots are doing in Mississippi, it doesn't seem to be working terribly well.  I guess they're just not praying enough.

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