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A straight North Carolinian weighs in about Amendment One

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From Bobby DeMuro:

Last night, North Carolinians passed Amendment One. As they should be, many North Carolinians are disappointed. Amendment One is discriminatory, short-sighted, ignorant, regressive, and brings big government into your bedroom. A more offensive over-reach (from various political angles) I cannot recall.

My out-of-state friends are busy making fun of North Carolina today, and it hurts. The way they see it, all North Carolinians are a bunch of rednecks — back water, backwards bigots stuck in the 1920s — legislating against gay people, and unwed couples, and non-traditional families.

Hell, maybe we are.

But the only way that perception of us changes is if North Carolinians stay here, and do what needs to be done to make this right – for gay people, for unwed couples, for children — for our state.

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