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Maine Dems release "It Gets Better" video

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The Maine Democratic Party released an "It Gets Better" video yesterday at their annual Pride event.  The video includes both Representatives Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud and several Democratic officials and elected leaders.  Here's the video:

Here is the list of participants, in the order they appear:
  • Dale McCormick, former State Legislator, former State Treasurer, former Director of Maine State House Authority 
  • Zach Kendrick, MDP Operations Director 
  • Maggie Allen, Democratic National Committeewoman 
  • Lizzy Reinholt, MDP Communications Director 
  • Michael Brennan, Mayor of Portland and former State Senator 
  • Janet Mills, MDP Vice Chair, former Maine Attorney General, former State Legislator 
  • Rick Redmond, MDP Finance Director 
  • Mary Erin Casale, MDP Executive Director 
  • Congressman Mike Michaud 
  • Congresswoman Chellie Pingree 
  • Sam Spencer, Democratic National Committeeman 
  • Jill Barkley, Chair of the Portland Democratic City Committee 
  • Justin Alfond, Maine Senate Democratic Whip 
  • Joe Hanslip, Democratic State Committee member, retired police 
  • Phil Bartlett, Maine State Senator, Democratic National Committeeman-elect 
  • Ben Grant, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party 
  • Emily Cain, Maine House Democratic Leader

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