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Obama campaign manager, Messina, and Dem. Sen. Baucus were behind anti-gay ad in 2002 campaign

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Baucus is a pig for signing off on this, but it's a problem that Jim Messina, former deputy White House chief of staff, and now Obama campaign manager, is the one who came up with it.

And trotting out a "we love Messina" message from former HRC President Joe Solmonese doesn't really respond to the concern.  If this story is true, Messina should put out a statement saying it was a dumb, insulting idea that he now regrets, and it will never happen ever again on any campaign that he's involved in.  That's how you nip this kind of thing in the bud, not but putting out non sequiturs from people who have iffy reps in the community.

And contrary to Solmonese's claims, some felt that Messina was the roadblock to our equality, not the enabler of it. But regardless, if Messina isn't going to deny this, then he needs to own it and repudiate it, cleanly and completely - put it to rest.  Otherwise it makes it hard for any of us to criticize Republican campaigns (or Democratic ones either) when they go homophobic.

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