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Occupy Wall Street protesting SF Pride parade

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They say they have no intent on shutting down the parade, and I think that's wise.

They're concerned, legitimately, that the Oakland Mayor, who famously went all Rambo on the Occupy protesters last fall, is in the parade.  They're also concerned about corporate sponsors using their support of "the gay" to whitewash other more nefarious things they're up to.  And that too is legit, and as I understand it a real concern.

I still can't help but feel that the Occupy movement has petered out.  And maybe that's inevitable.  But they had such momentum, and support, last summer and fall.  I suspect that the communal nature of the movement made it impossible to continue harnessing the movement's energy, as each member or faction decided it wanted to protest something different than the other (be it ports, pride parades, city service shut downs in Chicago, etc.).

At some point, as I've mentioned repeatedly, if you try to do everything - regardless of how altruistic it sounds to work on every issue on the planet at once because they're all equally deserving (a laudable, but newbie, mistake) - you end up doing justice to, and achieving justice for, none of them.

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