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Uganda bans 38 organizations it accuses of helping the gay

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Sometimes under-development is a state of mind.

Though, the Russians suffer from the same disease, as do some American faiths and political parties.  The Ugandans aren't alone in being hateful bigots.  They, along with some of their African brethren, simply seem to excel at it more than others.

It seems a number of these African states learned (the wrong) something from all those years of colonial oppression.  Oppression is no longer the exclusive domain of whites - which is ironic, since many African countries like to call homosexuality a "western influence."  In fact, the hatred that countries like Uganda show the minorities among them is a most decidedly western influence, what with the American religious right's, and the Republican party's, huge role in promoting anti-gay bigotry in that continent.

So, in the end, Uganda's leadership, in an effort to eradicate itself of supposed western influences, is doing the bidding of its white overlords in America.  It's almost poetic, if it weren't so criminal.

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