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Uganda's leaders would make Idi Amin proud

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This report from AllAfrica isn't to be believed.

The Ugandan government has finally found the "smoking gun" that it thinks will crush the evil gays once and for all.

What is the sinister secret document that the Ugandan government has uncovered?  A strategy memo discussing ways to further gay rights in the country, including raising a budget for the gay rights group, befriending journalists, and working to change public opinion

Ooh, scary.

What Uganda's leaders don't seem to understand is that what they've uncovered isn't a smoking gun of sin. It's simply an example of what happens every day in a normal democracy - citizens try to figure out strategies to influence their government and educate their people.

Only a fool, or a dictator, would think that such a thing is evidence of wrongdoing.

The document has reportedly given Rev Simon Lokodo, the minister in charge of Ethics and Integrity, ammunition to go after gay activists with renewed zeal. Shortly before leaving for an official trip abroad last week, an excited Lokodo, upon seeing the document, said he had finally obtained the information he needed to fight homosexuality in Uganda.

"These people are disruptive; they are promoting a negative culture contrary to the laws of this country. They are promoting homosexuality and lesbianism as an acceptable culture, and this is ruining our lives," Lokodo said.

He added: "This is not going to stop. We will support the bill. There is now sufficient evidence to move against these evil people. We'll punish them with a deterrent punishment. We are looking for a day when this law is going to take shape."
As bad as our government can be on some things, we don't hold a candle to the bigots in the Ugandan government. It just sickens me to see people who once were forced to live under the rule of Idi Amin then turn around and act like Idi Amin, oppressing people they don't like.

Have you no shame?

Have you learned nothing from your own history?

The answer is clearly "no."

What's even funnier, if you can call it that, is the Uganda government claims it's launching this pogrom against gays in order to purify the country of evil white western influence.

Yeah, sure.  That's why the Ugandan government seems to be taking its marching orders from white western religious right leaders.  Because they're so concerned about the white man influencing Uganda.
Mugisha and other prominent gay rights campaigners say Bahati's initial bill was introduced directly after a March 2009 conference in Kampala that hosted representatives from the U.S. "ex-gay" movement.

U.S. evangelical pastor Scott Lively, who spoke at the conference, said it focused on the "recovery from homosexuality" and warned Ugandans the gay movement sought to "homosexualize society" and undermine the institution of marriage.
Scott Lively is white, and the founder of a known American "hate group."

So, these so-called Uganda leaders are sacrificing their sovereignty, and their humanity, to white western bigots (again, I only raise "race" because they do).  Many a tyrant has tried to deflect the righteous criticism of his people by fabricating an enemy within.  It's all just very sad.

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