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Anti-gay Republican tries to woos gays on health care by invoking same-sex marriage

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This is laughable:
Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC): “The Supreme Court’s precedent in this case will far exceed health care. In short, government is now able to make you do anything by penalizing you with a tax. If future governments don’t like marriage it will be able to tax you if you want to get married. That goes both ways – for traditional and gay marriage. If future governments want to limit the size of families it can tax second and third children. We know there are governments around the world who do this. The Supreme Court today has ruled we are just like them.”
Mind you, Mulvaney is against gay marriage and for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But he's warning gays that some day the federal government may try to take our marriages that he wants the federal government to ban forever.

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